🎉 Unleash the Fun: 10 School Holiday Activities for Kids and Parents! 🌟

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Whether the sun is shining, or it's pouring with rain, School holidays are still the perfect time to create unforgettable memories with your kids! 🙌


We understand that finding engaging activities for the whole family can be a delightful challenge. 🤔

That's why here at Dad Certified we've curated a list of exciting school holiday activities for you that will keep your kids entertained and bring you closer together as a family! 🤗

(Already have a full school holiday schedule? Feel free to save these for another weekend or a solo Dadventure with the kids!)

Either way, get ready for a fantastic journey filled with adventure, creativity, and quality time! 👏

Outdoor Family Activities

1. Visit a petting zoo or farm 🐾

Immerse your family in a hands-on adventure! Parents, prepare to channel your inner zoologist as you guide your little ones through the wonderland of furry and feathered friends. Watch their faces light up with delight as they interact with animals, gaining a newfound appreciation for the beauty of nature.

2. Visit a local playground 🎠

Parents, it's time to unleash your playful side! Take charge of the ultimate adventure by accompanying your young explorers to the nearby playground. Swing, slide, and climb alongside them, showing off your fearless spirit and reminding them that you're the superhero they can always count on.

3. Plan a family bike ride 🚲

Pedal power, activate! Parents, lead the way as you embark on an epic family biking expedition. Strap on those helmets, hop on your trusty bikes, and venture into the great outdoors together. Enjoy the wind in your hair, the joyous laughter, and the priceless memories you'll create as you explore new paths as a unified squad.

4. Have a picnic in the park 🏞

Parents, it's time to don your chef hats and assemble the perfect picnic feast! Prepare delectable sandwiches, pack refreshing drinks, and lay out the picnic blanket with finesse. Sit back and relish the magic of family togetherness, surrounded by nature's serene beauty as you share laughter, stories, and delicious bites.

5. Build a fort or have a camping adventure ⛺

Calling all parental architects and outdoor enthusiasts! Roll up your sleeves and guide your kids through the construction of a majestic fort or the setup of an indoor camping adventure. Show off your impressive fort-building skills or impart your wisdom on campfire storytelling, creating a magical world where imaginations run wild and family bonds grow stronger.

Indoor Family Activities

6. Plan a treasure hunt 🔍(indoor or outdoor activity)

Parents, it's time to put your cunning detective skills to the test! Craft an intricate treasure hunt, leaving clever clues and riddles to ignite your children's problem-solving abilities. Witness their excitement grow as they navigate through the house, following your ingeniously designed treasure map, all while basking in the satisfaction of being the mastermind behind an unforgettable quest.

7. Create art and crafts 🎨

Step into the realm of creativity, parents! Grab those paintbrushes, scissors, and glue sticks as you guide your little artists through a world of imagination and self-expression. Nurture their artistic talents, help them unleash their inner Picasso, and witness the pride in their eyes as they showcase their masterpieces. Who knows, you might discover your own hidden artistic flair in the process!

8. Have a family game day 🎲

Attention, all parents and game enthusiasts! It's time to assume the mantle of the Game Master. Lead your family through a day filled with friendly competition, strategic thinking, and laughter-inducing gameplay. Show off your gaming prowess and let the games begin! Whether it's conquering the board or achieving victory in virtual realms, the memories you create during this epic family game day will be forever cherished.

9. Organize a movie or movie marathon day 📽

Lights, camera, action! Parents, it's your cue to take charge of the entertainment department. Curate an epic movie lineup or embark on a movie marathon that caters to everyone's tastes. Create a cozy viewing area, prepare the popcorn, and let the cinematic adventure unfold. From animated classics to family favourites, become the hero of family movie nights, providing the ultimate cinematic experience for all.

10. Have a baking or cooking session 👨‍🍳

Calling all culinary wizards and aspiring young chefs! Take your place in the kitchen as you guide your little sous-chefs through a delectable baking or cooking session. Teach them the art of measuring, mixing, and creating mouthwatering delights. Together, you'll whip up a storm of delicious treats, all while imparting valuable life skills and savouring the sweet taste of family togetherness.
We hope this selection of activities adds a spark of excitement to your school holiday plans. ⚡

Remember, parents, your involvement and enthusiasm in these activities will make them all the more enjoyable and memorable for your children.

Most importantly though, cherish the time spent together as a family. 🤗

Whether you choose to explore the outdoors, dive into creative projects, or embark on thrilling indoor adventures, we're confident that these activities will make your school holidays truly special.


Grab your picnic baskets, dust off the board games, and get ready to dive into a world of imagination and joy. 🙌

We wish you and your family a wonderful and memorable school holiday season. 

Let the laughter, bonding, and endless smiles begin! 🎉


Jeremy and kids from Dad Certified

Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified






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What do you call a farmer that doesn't like tractors anymore?

An extractor fan.

My wife said I don't listen to her anymore, or something like that.

I was out walking the dogs today and someone asked me if the were Jack Russells.
I replied, "No, they're mine!"


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Staying In Date Night Idea:
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Going Out Date Night Idea:
  • Go Away 🏩 (Seriously, when was the last time the two of you got away together… without the kids? Tee up an overnight babysitter, book a night at a local hotel or Airbnb and enjoy a cosy evening off… and a sleep-in!)

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