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Family Indoor Activity Deck

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Family Indoor Activity Deck

Here it is Jeremy! 
  • Beat Boredom and Dive into screen-free family fun!

  • Containing 50 jumbo-size, unique and creative activity cards, this deck is a treasure trove of fun. Each card features vivid illustrations, making it easy and exciting for even the youngest family members to join in.
  • Perfect for interactive, creative and educational play, these activities are designed to engage kids of all ages while bringing smiles and laughs to the grown-ups, too!

  • Get ready to create, explore and experience joy together with every card you draw.

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Picture This:

It's the kind of summer's day where the UV index is hitting numbers higher than my last energy bill, and the sun is so intense that even the seagulls are thinking twice about a day at the beach! 🥵

It's the weekend, and inside your home, the air is thick with a mix of heat and restlessness, and if you're lucky enough to have AC, you're wondering if it's going to hold up! 🤔

Your kids, having already indulged in more screen time than you'd generally prefer, are now bouncing around with energy that seems inversely proportional to your own. 😩

As you glance at the clock, noting it's only mid-morning, a familiar sense of parental challenge creeps in... 

Too hot to venture outside, and too early (and too much energy) for an afternoon nap. That is if your kids even still nap. 🤷‍♂️

The walls of your home seem to be closing in. You and your partner exchange that look – part desperation, part determination. 🙄

Then, inspiration strikes. You remember the Family Indoor Activity Deck, a Christmas gift patiently waiting for its moment to shine! 🎁

You present it to your family like a lifeline, exclaiming, "It's time for an adventure right here in our living room!" 🎉

Scepticism gives way to intrigue as your kids gather around. Each card in the deck is a vibrant promise of fun – obstacle courses, creative crafts, and even a mini-theatre production starring your kids in roles they never knew they wanted. 🙌

The day transforms. Screens are forgotten, the oppressive heat becomes an afterthought, and your living room buzzes with laughter and creativity. 👏

Through each activity, your family discovers new ways to connect, turning what could have been a day of boredom into a tapestry of joyful memories. 😄

As the day winds down, your family relaxes in a happy, tired heap, reflecting on the day's adventures. With a satisfied yawn, your youngest quietly declares: "Best. Day. Ever!" 😍

In that moment, you realise you weren't just filling time; you were making GOOD TIMES. 

The Family Indoor Activity Deck isn't just a boredom-buster; it's a tool for weaving the fabric of family closer together. It's about nurturing deeper bonds, sparking creativity, and infusing your days with joy! 🤗

For parents facing the school holidays with a mix of anticipation and apprehension, this deck can be your secret weapon...

It's not only a way to fill time; it's a path to shared laughter, learning, and love – a way to turn any day, no matter how hot, wet, or boring, into the best day ever. ❤️

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Cheering you on!Founder, Jeremy Jones, Movember Day 10 2023

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Don't forget there are only limited quantities, we don't expect these to last long!


Dad Jokes of the Week

I named my horse Mayo.
Mayo neighs.


Interviewer: Your résumé says you take things too literally.

Me: When did my résumé learn to talk?


I told my boss I was tired of being a human canonball.

So he fired me!


Dadventure Ideas for this Week

  • Visit a Museum of History 🦴 (Journey through time with a stroll through a history museum. Discover the events and people that shaped history.)

  • Go Swimming 🏊‍♂️ (Make a splash and dive into some fun in the water. Grab some water toys, pool noodles and body boards, and remember to slip, slop, slap, and wrap before you jump in and cool off from the heat! Note: Always check water conditions before swimming.)

Date Night Ideas for this Week

Get back into dating your husband/wife/partner again! No babysitter? No excuse! There is so much fun to be had having date nights at home!

Staying In Date Night Idea:
  • Start a Youtube Channel 📽 (Film yourselves doing literally anything (well, almost anything), come up with a catchy YouTube name and start a channel just for laughs and to look back on. Who knows what it could turn into!)

Going Out Date Night Idea:

  • One-on-one 🎾 (Play a sport together, just the two of you. Grab a bat and ball, a soccer ball, basketball... whatever you have at home and go play together at a local field/court.)
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