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I must admit, it’s been a weird week. Lots of ups and downs. 

The family is still not quite 100% so sleep and energy levels are still on the low end, for now…

In business, at the start of the week I was really excited and looking forward to receiving the first portion of the Dadventure Diaries this week! 😃

Despite hearing there was a customs delay, I was still optimistic that it would arrive by today (Friday), as you may have seen in my Instagram Story.

Unfortunately however, that is not the case. Good ol’ Australian customs decided to hold onto the order longer than was first expected. 😥

I’ve been assured by FedEx though, who are handling the delivery, that the clearance process has actually happened rather quickly. 

Either way, I’m expecting them to be delivered next week and if they’re delivered next week that means they’ll be in the post to you next week too! 🙌

Other than trying to clear the order through customs as quickly as I can, I’ve been hard at work managing the logistics of the rest of the Dadventure Diary order and preparing all the packaging needed to ensure a swift turnaround once the Dadventure Diaries are in my hands. 

I’m pretty excited to see the final version! As you are likely aware, we made a few improvements between the initial samples and the final order. 

As voted by all of you on Instagram, the final cover of the diary has changed slightly. 

It now has a richer feel and the colour is more appealing too. 

We’ve also increased the thickness of the cover for a higher quality finish. 👌

The last change that we’re yet to see is the improved quality of the card deck. 

The samples cards were great but the coating they used showed up marks easily. 

That’s been improved though too!

I’m excited to see this final version and I will be sure to show it off to you as soon as I have it in my hands! 😊

Dad Jokes of the Week

Why did the hipster burn his mouth while drinking his coffee?

Because he drank it before it was cool.


My wife left me because I’m too insecure. 

No…wait, she’s back! She just went to make a cup of tea.


What did the nut say when he was chasing the other nut?

I’m a cashew!


Dadventure Ideas for this Weekend

Get your kids out of the house this weekend and make some memories! 

Here’s a few ideas for you. Choose one suitable to your kid/s ages and the weather:

1. Bike Ride (or scooter) 🚲

2. Indoor Rock Climbing (or check out your closest: Clip ‘n Climb) 🧗‍♂️

3. Aquarium (pet shops work just as well for the young kids, but maybe leave your wallet at home 😉) 🐠


Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified



I'll be jumping back on Instagram more from next week so make sure your following along at @dad_certified to keep up with everything going on!

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