What makes me cry....

I'm going to get a bit vulnerable with you today.

You see, when it comes to holding back tears, I'm not very good.

Even before I was a dad, Larissa and I would watch movies together and regardless of if it was an action movie, kids animation or rom com I'd find myself tearing up at the slightest gesture of compassion.

And now that I am a dad it's rare I go a Bluey episode without welling up!

(I'm sure I'm not the only one, that TV show is gold!)

Well there are few things that made me tear up this week
 in particular that I wanted to share with you.

1. At the Post Office 📮

We've got a long standing relationship with the owner of our local post office, John.

We used to drop parcels in all the time with our previous business.

So when John saw me return with box loads of parcels this week, naturally he asked me what I was now selling.

"Well John, It's called the Dadventure Diary," I tell him.

"It's for dads, to encourage them to get their kids out of the house and take them on weekly adventures."

"While there out they can take a few photos and afterwards they stick them in the diary and there's space for them to write about what they got up to so they can look back over all their adventures later."

"So it becomes a memoir, photobook keepsake type thing..."

I go on a bit more and explain the deck of idea cards too.

When I usually give this spiel to people some people look at me blankly but some nod in understanding.

John has grown up kids but as I'm talking he begins to smile and I see that he's one of the ones that get it straight away.

He counters with, "That's great, yes get the kids out of the house, that's what they need! That's a great idea Jeremy, well done!"

**That's moment I turn away to pick up more parcels I've brought in, pausing just long enough to clear my eyes of any liquid that happened to spring up.**

Everyone loves validation but hearing it from someone older than you that you respect is next level.

(That's a good lesson for any parent.)

2. Bluey episode: Handstand 🐾

Seriously, go watch it! 

I bet you won't be able to hold back a tear!

3. Customer Feedback 💙

You may have been on our website recently but just in case you haven't we've started receiving reviews from people already using their Dadventure Diary.

Here's one of my favourites so far that brought tears to my eyes almost instantly:


I love receiving review like this, they genuinely make my day!

Thank you everyone who has already left a review, especially if it's for a Father's Day gift which you haven't given yet.

They mean so much and really help us to reach more people and improve our products.

Also, thanks for all your orders!

Knowing that there are going to be hundreds and hundreds of families positively impacted by Dadventure Diaries  this Father's Day in itself is making me feel the feels!

4. Storybook Dads 📖

You may have already read it on our website but for each Dadventure Diary sold we donate a portion of the profit to a charity.

At the moment we're supporting one called Storybook Dads who help dads in prison reconnect with their children by recording bedtime stories for their families at home.

If you've got the emotional capacity for it check out one of their videos here:

Hey, I warned you!

5. My 2 Year Old 👦

Lastly and possibly the most tear worthy moment of the week for me was when Larissa taught our 2 year old, Malachi to say "I love you dad". 😭

Need I say more?

Anyway, you probably now think I'm a big softie.

Well, I am, and that's ok.

I believe being aware of ones emotions is really healthy and I encourage all dads to take some time to feel the feels when they happen.

It'll make you more understanding, compassionate and relatable.

Great qualities for every dad to practice!

Thanks for reading, everyone and thanks for coming on this journey with us! 😊

Dad Jokes of the Week

Yesterday I accidently swallowed some food colouring.

The doctor says I'm OK, but I feel like I've dyed a little inside.


I just burned 2,000 calories.

That's the last time I leave brownies in the oven while I nap!


Never trust someone with graph paper.

They're always plotting something.


Dadventure Ideas for this Weekend

Get your kids out of the house this weekend and make some memories!

Here’s a few ideas for you. Choose one suitable to your kid/s ages and the weather:

1. Skate Park 🛹 (or ice skating even!?⛸)

2. Ball Sport ⚽🏀🏉🏏🏐 

3. Eat Out 🍴🥐🍔🍟🍕🍧 (a great all weather activity 😉)

Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified



With three weeks to father's day you can still order your Dadventure Diary Box Set with standard postage. We recommend using Express from next Friday, 19th September.

Don't leave it to the last minute!



If you'd like to leave a review feel free to following the link in the review request email or click here. Thank you, thank you thank you! 😊

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