Why Dads struggle with Date Night... 😳


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Why Dads struggle with Date Night...

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Hey mate,

I usually write my emails with dads in mind… but this one’s for the MUMS. After all, two-thirds of our amazing customers are mums! 🙌

I wanted to let you inside the mind of a dad for a minute and solve a longstanding mystery that I’m sure you’ve wondered…

“Why doesn’t my hubby take more initiative with planning Date Nights?”

I know my wife, Larissa, has wondered this many times! And has verbalized it a few times, too. 😉

So… let me tell you!

Firstly, you need to know that we dads REALLY DO want to take you on Date Nights – regularly!

We miss that one-on-one time with our wives, having uninterrupted conversations, and doing activities other than “family-friendly” ones (which are still awesome with the kids!).

We miss seeing how excited you get when you’ve put on a dress for Date Night instead of shorts and a t-shirt like most days (although we still think you look smoking in comfy clothes!).

So why don’t we organise it more often? 

Your first thought would probably be, “He’s too tired after a full week of work…” And while there is some truth in that, it’s not the top reason!

The main reason is…

It seems too daunting to organise.

Really! We want to do a good job, we want to make you feel special and make sure the Date Night is “romantic enough”… or at least a lot of fun!

But with organising babysitters, coming up with new restaurants or activities to do each week, remembering to book a restaurant, thinking of conversation topics to start so we don’t just talk about the kids the whole time, and having a backup option in case the kids get sick… it just feels overwhelming to do this regularly. Honestly!

But remember… we really WANT to!

And while we know that Date Nights can be planned by YOU awesome mums too, we still feel the pressure (and desire!) to be the more romantic one in the relationship. 😉


Mums, WE need YOUR help!

In 2024, myself and a number of other dads are on a mission to reclaim Date Nights and make them REGULAR! 

We’re going to keep the love and spark alive no matter what season of parenting we’re in!

And the BEST thing YOU can do is…

Encourage us and show us that date nights don't have to be hard!

That's right. Date Nights don't have to be difficult to organise. They can actually be really, REALLY easy.

That's because, here at Dad Certified, WE have done all the hard, daunting and overwhelming work to make your Date Nights EASY with this ONE, SIMPLE tool:

The Date Night Diary Box Set.

So, this Valentine's Day, get us a Date Night Diary! Not even kidding.

It would be like saying, “I get it. I know you’re tired and your brain is full of a lot of things. I also know you LOVE spending time with me. So here… I’ve made it easy for you.”

Don't take my word for it. Check out what people are saying who have used it:

Date Night Diary Review 1

Date Night Diary Review 2

Date Night Diary Review 3

The Date Night Diary was made specifically for parents of young kids and has all the things a dad needs to plan awesome Date Nights… every time!:

  • 100 Date Night Ideas for Date Nights out AND Date Nights at home (for those weeks when you can’t get a babysitter or life is just wildly unpredictable like it often is with kids)
  • A Planning Checklist to make organising the dates easy (like reminding you to book the restaurant)
  • A Unique Conversation Starter each week! So you actually connect on a deeper level
  • Space to Record the Fun Times (so mum and dad can actually make it into a photo album - not just full of the kids!)

Valentine’s Day is just TWO weeks away, and whether you’re a big fan, or the Valentine’s Day Grinch, your relationship is WORTH investing in. 

We dads really WANT to be more romantic and consistent, we just need a little help.

Grab him a Date Night Diary today! Really, from a dad, he’ll be SO thankful.

Order Now For pre-Valentine's Day Delivery

And if you've already picked one up...

Thank you! & Well done! 

You're already on your way to reclaiming date nights and rebuilding connection with your loved one! 👏


Cheering you on!Picture of Dad Certified owner and kids

Jeremy Jones

Founder & Director of Operations
Dad Certified





Dad Jokes of the Week

I had a date last night.
It was perfect.
Tomorrow I’ll try a grape.


Have you been to the doctor lately? I think you’re lacking some Vitamin Me.


I’ve been on 3 dates with someone who works at a zoo. I think they’re a keeper.


Dadventure Ideas for this Week

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire your Dadventure with your kids this week: 
  • Visit a Museum of History 🖼️ (Journey through time with a stroll through a history museum. Discover the events and people that shaped history. Perhaps watch a mini documentary on your family's favourite place or person from the day!)

  • Go Fishing 🎣 (Explore by the water's edge and teach the art of fishing, rod in hand. It's about the calm, the conversation, and hopefully... the catch!)
Date Night Idea for this Week
Dads, don't forget to be intentional about reclaiming the romance and planning a date night this week!

Staying In Date Night Idea:
  • Silent Disco 💃🕺 (Get dressed up, pull out your earphones and turn up the music! If you've got the tech, connect two sets of wireless earbuds to one phone, otherwise hit play at the same time on two different phones. Take turns choosing the songs. You won’t wake the kids as long as you don't sing along!)
Going Out Date Night Idea:
  • Recreate Your First Date 👫 (Meal, location, outfits, what you talked about... even down to the photos you took together on your first date. Enjoy the memories. :))
Have a great week, thanks for reading!
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