Fun Family Activities for the Spring School Holidays 🌼

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Now then...

Whether you're just beginning school holidays, are in the middle of them, or they're just wrapping up,

Or even if you're kids aren't even at school yet...

We've curated a list of springtime activities that are perfect for kids of all ages.

From baby picnics to family hikes, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

For the Little Ones (0-3 Years) 👶

  • Baby Picnic 🏞: A simple outing to a local park with a blanket and some baby-friendly snacks.
  • Sensory Play 🌻: Create a sensory bin with spring-themed items like flowers, leaves, and small toys.
  • Storytime in the Garden 📔: Read children's books that are related to spring or nature.

For Pre-Schoolers (4-6 Years) 🧒

  • Bug Hunt 🐛: Equip them with a magnifying glass and let them explore the garden.
  • Planting Seeds 🌱: Teach them the basics of gardening by planting some easy-to-grow flowers or herbs.
  • Spring Crafts 🖌: Make bird feeders or paint rocks to decorate the garden.

For School-Age Kids (7-12 Years) 👦

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt 🔎: Create a list of items for them to find in a local park or forest.
  • Bike Ride 🚲: A family bike ride through a scenic route.
  • DIY Kite Making 🪁: Spend a day making and flying kites.

For the Whole Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Family Hike 🌄: Choose a trail that's not too strenuous but offers good views and perhaps a picnic spot.
  • Outdoor Movie Night 📽: Set up a projector and have a movie night in your backyard.
  • Spring Festival 🎪: Check out local spring festivals which often have activities for all age groups.
  • Beach Day 🏖: If you're near the coast, a day at the beach is always a hit.
  • BBQ 🌭: Have a family BBQ, letting the kids help with simple tasks.

We hope this list inspires you to make the most of the rest of the spring school holidays.

Remember, the best memories are made when you're spending time with the ones you love.

So, go ahead, plan your next Family Adventure (or Dadventure) and make the rest of spring unforgettable!


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Dadventure Ideas for this Week

Checkout out our above list for some Family Adventures which can also double as Dadventures!

Date Night Ideas for this Week

Keep the spark alive with some of our date night ideas this week 😍🔥 (Even without a babysitter!)

Staying In Date Night Idea:
  • Nude Drawing ✏ (Of each other, of course! Take turns drawing each other. Loser goes on top. 😉)

Going Out Date Night Idea:

  • The Circus 🎪 (Find a local carnival or circus and pretend you're kids again. Fairy floss and popcorn are a must!)
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