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How To Be Romantic
(every other day of the year)
💘Valentine's Day Ideas by Dad Certified

"What day is Valentine's Day again?" he said with a sheepish grin. 😅

I wasn't sure whether he was joking or not. 🤔

I was just telling this father of two girls how Valentine's Day was turning out to be one of the biggest events of the year for our business. 

He didn't strike me as a particularly romantic guy, so I assumed he was just not that into Valentine's Day and really didn't know! 😲

(It's February 14th by the way! That's next Wednesday BTW!)

Valentine's Day is now a major event on the calendar and, for some, expectations can be pretty high.

Even if your partner (like my wife) isn't overly fussed about Valentine's Day, I think it's a GREAT excuse to show them a little extra love and work out our romantic muscle. 💪💗

So don't stress... but don't leave the planning to the last minute! ⏰

If you're looking for some tips for planning the perfect date for Valentine's Day (either STAYING IN or GOING OUT), check out my email from last week here:

Start planning for Valentine's day now! Here's how to make it perfect...

But we all know that a deep relationship with our partner can't be built on just ONE day a year!

So what do we do to keep building that relationship every OTHER day when it's not Valentine's Day?

The chances are, if you're a parent, you're already spread pretty thin in the love department.

After all, you're only human. You can't be everywhere at once doing everything for everyone!

So here is just ONE quick practical thing you can do to boost the romance in your relationship with your partner on a day-to-day basis:

Ready? Let's go!

Start by finding out how they like to be loved. After all, everyone is different!

Have you heard of the five love languages? If not, here they are:

Words of Affirmation,
Acts of Service,
Receiving Gifts,
Quality Time, and
Physical Touch

Think back over your time with your partner and try and work out which one resonates with your partner the most...

(or simply ask them if you're not sure!)

And really focus on loving them that way, daily.

It should be something small and achievable that you can do almost every day.

For example:
If your partner feels love through physical touch the most, then be intentional about hugging them for at least one minute every time you get home from work.

Or if you walk past each other at home, reach out and grab their hand for a second. 👫

I'll leave it to you to figure out what works best for your relationship and your partner's love language.

It might take some testing but don't give up! 😊

Trust me, this will pay off in a BIG way for your relationship! 💕

Also, I encourage you to be open in discussing with your partner what YOUR favourite love language is too.

It's the perfect thing to talk about on a date night... perhaps your Valentine's Day date night? 😉
If you'd like to learn more about the five love languages you can check out this TED article here:

Remember, keep being intentional with your relationships - a small amount of effort every day goes a loooong way!

Have a great week and enjoy your Valentine's Day! 💓

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Date Night Idea for this Week (or Valentine's Day)

Staying In Date Night Idea:

  • Nude Drawing 🎨 (Of each other, of course! Take turns drawing each other. Loser goes on top. ;))
Going Out Date Night Idea:
  • Couples Massage 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️ (This might be a weekend date, but it will be well worth the babysitter! Enjoy unwinding together and get some TLC for those tight shoulders.)

Dadventure Ideas for this Week

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire your Dadventure with your kids this week: 
  • Visit a Trampoline Park or Play Centre 🤾‍♂️ (Jump into fun at a trampoline park or play centre! Sometimes you just need to burn up that extra energy kids always seem to have on hand ;))

  • Go Ten-Pin-Bowling 🎳 (Depending on your location, for teenagers or pre-teens 12+. A really fun and adrenaline-pumping experience. Just don't forget to bring a cup 😉)

Dad Jokes of the Week

Why did the dad bring a ladder to the bar? Because he heard the drinks were on the house!


I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes. She gave me a hug.


Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!

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