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Rediscover Each Other This Valentine's Day ❤️

A Couple's Guide to Date Nights Since Having Kids 👫

Valentine's Day Ideas by Dad Certified



Imagine this:


You've just tucked the kids into bed... 


and you're both slumped on the couch.


"Remember date nights?" 🌌 one of you mutters.


The other just sighs, staring at the TV that's been playing the same show for the past hour. 😔


Well, guess what? It's time ⏰ to chuck that routine out the window because we're bringing the magic 🔮 back into your evenings with something that's not just another "product."


It's a lifeline for your love life! ❤️


We've forged the Date Night Diary - Box Set especially for parents of young kids to be your secret weapon 🛡️ against the dreaded "What do you wanna do tonight?" loop.


This isn't your run-of-the-mill date idea generator.


Oh no.


It's a meticulously crafted Box Set designed for couples who've mastered nappy changes but are flunking romance 101.


With our Date Night Diary, you're not just planning a night out (or in); you're signing up for a journey 🚀 back to those head-over-heels days.


We're talking 100 handpicked date night ideas that promise more than just escaping the house. 🏠


They're about rediscovering each other, laughing till your sides hurt 😂, and maybe even falling in love all over again. 💑


Don't just take my word for it...

Check out what other parents are saying:

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And, there's plenty more 5-star review that we couldn't fit in!



This Valentine's Day, let's make a pact to ditch the predictable and embrace the extraordinary. 🎉




Let's be honest...


You both deserve a break from being super parents to being super in love. 💖


Ready to make every date night feel like Valentine's?


Dive into your Date Night Diary - Box Set now!

Dad Certified - Dat Night Diary - Reclaim Date Nights since having kids

❤️I'm Ready❤️

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