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We've all been there—bags packed, sunscreen applied, and snacks at the ready. Yet, somehow, getting the family out the door feels like a scene from Bluey. Just like Chilli Heeler in the episode "Relax", we dream of a peaceful day at the beach, but life—and our little ones—often have other plans.

The key? Embrace the chaos and find joy in the journey. After all, the best moments often happen when we least expect them. So, how do you make this dream of a perfect beach day a reality? Let's dive in. 🌅

The Blueprint for a Perfect Beach Day 🗺️

Start Prepping the Night Before 🌙
Pack your beach survival kit the night before to ensure a smooth morning. 🎒

Timing: Two Choices ⏰
Early bird gets the worm, but if you're more of a night owl, late afternoon is also a great option. Just be prepared for some wind. 🌅🌬️

Parking Wisdom 🚗
Arriving early—or late—gives you the best parking options. 🅿️

Sunscreen: Your Family's Armor ☀️
Apply it generously before leaving home to protect every inch of skin and to give it time to sink in. Just don't forget to re-apply if needed. 👂👣👃

Food: Simple Yet Satisfying 🍉
Pre-made sandwiches, cut fruits, and easy snacks. Don't forget water bottles for everyone! 💦

Delegate to Elevate 🌟
Assign responsibilities to older kids, like carrying towels or managing snacks. 🎒

Activities to Keep Everyone Engaged 🎉

For the Little Adventurers:
1️⃣ Wave Jumping 🌊
2️⃣ Rock Pool Exploring 🦀
3️⃣ Sandcastle Building 🏖️
4️⃣ Digging Tunnels 🏝️
5️⃣ Shell Collecting 🐚

For the Older Kids (or the Young at Heart):
1️⃣ Beach Cricket 🏏
2️⃣ Beach Soccer ⚽
3️⃣ Body Boarding 🏄
4️⃣ Frisbee 🥏
5️⃣ Beach Volleyball/Spikeball 🏐

Our mission is to build greater confidence in mums and dads for a more fulfilling parenthood experience. So go ahead, make this dreamy beach day a reality and create memories that will last a lifetime. 🙏

Catch you on the next wave! 🌊

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Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Founder & Director of Operations
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Dad Jokes of the Week

What happened when 30 got hungry?


What's Green and smells like Blue Paint?
Green Paint.


Officer: I'm arresting you for downloading everything on Wikipedia.
Suspect: No wait! I can explain everything!


Dadventure Ideas for this Week
  • Surfing/Body Boarding 🏄‍♂️ (Recommended for kids 5+ but it also depends on you and your kids. Borrow a board if you don't have one and checkout a how-to video if you're still learning yourself like me🙋‍♂️)

  • Volunteer at a Foodbank 🥫 (A great any-weather activity that shows your kids the value of sharing and helping out those in need who have less than us.)
Date Night Ideas for this Week

Get back into dating your husband/wife/partner again! No babysitter? No excuse! There is so much fun to be had having date nights at home!

Staying In Date Night Idea:
  • Jigsaw Puzzle 🧩 (Spread out on the floor and get jiggy with each other… jig-saw-y. ;) Paired with takeaway and an audiobook, this is the perfect chill night.)

Going Out Date Night Idea:

  • Picnic 🏞 (A classic for a reason. Go to the grocery store together and choose all the delicious foods you feel like eating, then spread a blanket somewhere with a view and enjoy!)
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