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Exclusive Discount: We Just


your Dadventures!

I sat at my desk
  staring at my screen.

The emotions were REAL.

It was only a few months into
  launching Dad Certified

  what I had set out to do with Dad Certified was working.

We were
 making a real difference in people’s lives!

The evidence was right there
  in front of me…

ONE HUNDRED 5-Star Reviews
  within 3 months
of launching our Dadventure Diary - Box Set.

  I was teary,

    joyful, and


that all those months of
  hard work creating the Dadventure Diary - Box Set
  had paid off!

Yes, it was beginning to pay for
  the time I had invested in the project,

But it had really,
    changed the lives of families all over Australia, for the better!

Don’t believe me?

Go read the reviews from our
  AWESOME customers here.

We now have more than 300 5-star
  reviews across our range!

But does that satisfy me?


We read, ponder and respond
  to pretty much every product review we receive.

Everything our
  customers tell us that we’re doing well in their reviews, we double down on:

Great customer service ✔
  High-quality products ✔
    Unique and giftable ideas
      that change family’s lives for the better ✔

And any time, we
  receive feedback where we can see that something could be improved.

We do EVERYTHING we can to


So when we received a
  5-star product review from
our customer Madeleine, back in September.

We didn’t just say:

“Oh cool, another 5-star review”.


After reading




We discovered that Madeleine was a genius.

Yes, Madeleine, you’re a genius!

Now, I’m sure we would have come up with it eventually,
  since we’re also geniuses (genii?).

But we’re going to give you the credit for this one Madeleine.

Here’s an excerpt from her review:


We agree with you Madeleine, that’s a FANTASTIC idea!

So much so, that we


You asked, and we listened and acted.

Well, Madeleine asked, but
  we know you were thinking it too, Jeremy!

So, without further ado...

InTrOdUcInG tHe




Dad Certifed®


Jumbo A6 Sized Cards for easy reading, holding and viewing

50 Dadventure Activity Ideas for various ages, abilities and budgets

50 Full Colour Illustrations to inspire intrigue and excitement amongst kids and parents alike

50 Activity Descriptions to further awaken the imagination and provide tips to parents about the activity


Age and Cost Icons to guide dads in pre-sorting the deck to their family's needs

4 Fill-In-The-Blank Cards to add your family's own favourite activity ideas into the mix unique to your location

But wait, I
  see the question forming in your mind:

I already own the Dadventure Deck that came with my Dadventure Diary. Why do I need this one?”

  While you don’t need the new & improved deck, it’s a true LEVEL-UP in terms of what it gives you. Yes, a few of the ideas are the same but most are new and every idea now comes on a jumbo-sized card with a description and illustration to enrich and enhance your family’s experience and encourage action.

“But I can’t afford a new deck for $49”


You must have misread, because
  our RRP is only $39.00!

BUT to all our email subscribers
  we’re giving you an EXCLUSIVE 26% OFF to bring it down to $28.86 for a limited time only:

Use code: EXCLUSIVE  
(expires Monday Midnight)

And to EVERY person who has purchased a Dadventure Diary before...

For TODAY ONLY here is a whopping 31% OFF:

Order with the email you ordered your Dadventure Diary with and use the code: WHOPPING
(expires at Midnight)

(coupon codes cannot be combined)

But you need to be FaSt, we’ve literally sold thousands of Dadventure Diaries but only have 200 of these New & Improved Dadventure Decks in stock.

(We wanted to get them into your hands ASAP so had to limit our order volume to improve the delivery time)

So LEVEL UP your
  Dadventure game now with brand new Dadventures, jumbo illustrated cards and a whole lot more excitement and fun!

While stocks Last…




Cheering you on!Jeremy and kids from Dad Certified

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified






Dad Jokes of the Week

I'm afraid for the calendar. Its days are numbered.


What do a tick and the Eiffel Tower have in common?" "They're both Paris sites.


"What do you call a fish wearing a bowtie?" "Sofishticated."



Date Night Idea for this Week 

Staying In Date Night Idea:

  • Tasting Party👅 (Pick a theme (whisky, cheese, ice cream, chocolate...) and lay out a range of options to taste. Be adventurous! You may just find your new favourite food as a couple.)
Going Out Date Night Idea:
  • Dessert Cafe 🍮 (Find a local chocolate bar and enjoy hot drinks and dessert for dinner - that you don’t have to share with the kids!)

Dadventure Ideas for this Week

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire your Dadventure with your kids this week: 
  • The Beach 🏖️ (Go classic and enjoy fun time building sand castles, swimming and many more fun activities in the beach!)

  • Kite Flying 🪁 (Perfect on windy days for kids 4+, borrow or buy a kite and find an open space. Great for developing hand-eye-coordination, problem-solving skills and for stimulating the imagination.)

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