Our "Rocket Ship" Adventure + Movember Update!


Staring up at the towering rocket ship...

My heart raced almost as fast as the boys’ excitement bubbled.

They tugged at my hands...

Their eyes were wide with a mix of thrill and a hint of "are we really going to do this!?"

I couldn't help but chuckle.

Adventures with my boys always turn into unexpected bravery tests...

For them and for me!

"Come on, Dad, you're coming up with us!" they insisted.

And up we went...

We slowly scaled the inside of the newly installed, three-story high rocket ship at our new favourite playground.

With the world shrinking below us...

We climbed and climbed until we couldn't climb any further.

We reached the top.

Peering out, it looked even higher from up here!

Other kids began to line up behind us.

Going down the way we came was no longer an option.

First, my boys clung to me, their little hands gripping mine as we peered into the blackness which was the inside of the tunnel slide...

Apparently, it would take us all the way to the bottom.

It was so dark it could have been a portal into space itself.

I could feel their hesitation.

But with a nudge of encouragement and the promise of a shared adventure...

We slid down together!

Their laughter echoed against the sides!

"Again, again!"

I heard them yell the moment we had our feet back on solid ground.

So we did it...


And again.

But, it didn’t take long before my eldest, with a newfound spark of independence, dashed up the structure by himself!

It was a punch-in-the-air moment watching him conquer the slide solo.

Below, his little brother cheered, and I could see the same determination building in his eyes!

We spent hours at the park, the boys mastering every slide, every climb, every leap.

And when it was time to go, they protested with the kind of passion you only see when kids have truly immersed themselves in play.

But exhaustion soon won, and they drifted to sleep on the bus ride home...

Their dreams surely full of rockets and fearless flights.

I captured it all, every moment, in our Dadventure Diary..

Jeremy Jones

These memories etched not just in the pages, but in our hearts.

And speaking of the Diary, I've got some exciting news!

We're finally restocking them next week after selling out over Father’s Day!

It’s not just a journal; it’s a repository of courage and laughter, of dad-and-lad tales that we'll relive for years.


We're now making it even easier for you to treasure those memories...

Whether they've already happened, or are yet to to happen:

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Perfect for the Dadventure Diary, or any of our diaries!

Lastly, I wanted to say a huge thanks for your continued feedback on the up-and-coming Dadventure Bag.

We're using your insights to continue to craft something extraordinary that we'll share more about soon!

As a thank you for being part of the journey...

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And remember, those Dadventure Diaries are in (real) limited supply, and with Christmas on the horizon, now’s the time to secure one.

They’ll start shipping next week from the 13 of November, so don't miss out!


Founder, Jeremy Jones, Movember Day 6 2023

Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Founder & Director of Operations
Dad Certified










I'm almost one week into MOVEMBER!
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Dad Jokes of the Week

I'm reading a book on the history of glue. Can't put it down.


I've just written a song about tortillas;
actually, it’s more of a rap.


Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut?
He just needed a little space.


Dadventure Ideas for this Week

  • Sandcastle Building 🏰 (Get creative, whether it's big or small or, something completely new. Digging tunnels and holes, are great fun too! )

  • Jet Boating 🚤 (A rare event but a fun one for kids 5+! Hold on tight and wear clothes that can get wet 😉)

Date Night Ideas for this Week

Get back into dating your husband/wife/partner again! No babysitter? No excuse! There is so much fun to be had having date nights at home!

Staying In Date Night Idea:
  • DIY Photo Booth 📸 (Print out some props, dress up and get silly! Set up your phone on a stand in the wardrobe, a cardboard box or other enclosed space. Set it to take photos on self timer and have fun taking silly snaps together. It will be a good laugh looking back on them in the years to come!)

Going Out Date Night Idea:

  • Concert 🎸 (Find a local band or play, sit back and enjoy the show together. Even better if you can support a local emerging artist.)



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