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“Dad, Dad, Dad!!!”

The excitement in Mal and Silas’ voices was next level.

I swiveled in my chair to face the boys, ripping my attention away from my computer screen.

“What is it, boys!?”

They had just arrived home and I
  could tell that wherever they had been
they’d had a BLAST!

“We picked oranges!

    And patted chickens!

      And saw a tractor!

        And had a picnic under the trees!

          And ATE oranges!




                    They were…


“Wow, That sounds like SO much fun!!” I said enthusiastically.

  genuinely had FOMO. 🥲

That’s weird...

Usually, it’s the other way around…

Larissa then bounced excitedly into the office (looking as gorgeous as ever), with a massive grin on her face.

“It was magical, we
had so much fun!”

Yep, serious FOMO… (post fomo?)

…Wait is this what the mums feel
  after we dads come back from a Dadventure?...

“We picked so many oranges,” she continued,

“and the branches were
  nice and low so the boys could even pick some!”

Silas, our 2 year old chimed in:

“I pulled this orange!” He yelled as he proudly presented a great big orange half the size of his head.

“It was weally, weally hard! I pulled so hard that I fell over on my bum! But..

“I did it!”

His eyes were bright with excitement as he thought back over the memory of his accomplishment.

Silas picking an orange

“You did so good, Silas!” Larissa added encouragingly.
“And they even taught us how to
  cut the oranges correctly.”

“Huh? What!
  Who’s been keeping this from us!” I looked at her quizzically.

“Yeah, it’s true. We’ve been cutting oranges…

“The wrong way!”

A few minutes later we were eating oranges in the kitchen trying out the orange grower’s secret orange-slicing-hack.

And I can vouch for it!

But more on that later…

What I couldn’t get over was how excited they all were.

Not about the orange slices (although that was exciting), but about their:


Yes, family adventures are awesome.

Almost as awesome as Dadventures. 😉

But mum trying out something brand new, just her and the kids…


Mum and kids in an orange orchard

Like many, our family thrives on routine…

But, incorporating new
  experiences into our routine has been one of the BEST ways our family has found to create fun and memorable moments together.

The kind of memories the
  kids will truly remember and think back about for YEARS to come.

They’re memories that will help form the foundation of your relationship with your kids.

Think about it.

What fun memories of your
  parents do you have from when you were a kid?

I can guarantee that many come from when things were done different.

Well at Dad Certified, we’re all about doing things different - and BETTER!

All with the primary aim of making parenthood more fulfilling for us parents and as a result making life even more enjoyable.

Hence a large focus of our new Moments of Motherhood - Box Set is about creating space to develop:

Memorable and FUN 

experiences that will make up the foundation of our relationship with our kids.

It's these simple, yet profound moments of joy and discovery that the Moments of Motherhood - Box Set is all about.


Inside, you'll find the
  Mumventure Deck — 50 cards each promising an adventure as delightful and unexpected as discovering the best way to eat oranges.

Moments Of Motherhood Diary

It’s your invitation to rediscover the beauty in the everyday.


It's about breaking out of the routine,


Finding joy in the little things,


And falling in love with motherhood all over again.


Ready to join us on this adventure?

Exciting News!

Pre-Orders of, the Moments of Motherhood - Box Set are now live.

Woohoo! 🙌

Let's make every moment count, because these are the days we'll look back on and smile about.

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Moments of Motherhood Diary

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Cheering you on!Jeremy and kids from Dad Certified

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified






Still waiting on that secret orange-slicing-hack?

Simply cut your orange into wedges CROSSWAYS. Like, NOT end to end, but straight through the middle, so each hemisphere has its own navel / belly button thing… This way each wedge has multiple bite-sized segments that easily pull away from the skin for easy eating, less mess, and fewer strings stuck in your teeth! Give it a go and let us know what you think.
And if you’ve always been cutting oranges this way, hit reply and let me know! I’ve been eating half
-time orange wedges for years and I’ve never seen this before now!

The right way to slice oranges

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Dad Jokes of the Week

Which bear is the most condescending? A pan-duh!


What kind of noise does a witch’s vehicle make? Brrrroooom, brrroooom.


What do you call it when a group of apes starts a company? Monkey business.



Mumventure Idea for this Week

Here is an idea to inspire your Mumventure with your kids this week: 
  • Outdoor Market🏪 (Usually great food, sometimes live music and lots of hard-to-find items. Fun for any age!)


Date Night Idea for this Week 

Staying In Date Night Idea:

  • Read Aloud📚 (Grab a hot chocolate and a good book, snuggle up on the couch and read aloud to each other. They say there's no aphrodisiac like your partner's voice... see if they're right. ;))
Going Out Date Night Idea:
  • Glamour Night 👗 (Comfy clothes are great for parenting but take this chance to Get dressed up nice and go out for cocktails or a fancy dinner. You’ll feel great!)

Dadventure Idea for this Week

Here is an idea to inspire your Dadventure with your kids this week: 
  • The Circus🎪 (Great for any age, look for a circus on tour nearby, book tickets and let the excitement commence!!)


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