So Much Gratitude!

Just in case you’re wondering, today isn’t Friday, unfortunately.

Usually you’ll see our weekly round-up email from Dad Certified land in your inbox on a Friday but we were so busy managing logistics, SHIPPING ORDERS, and doing all the back end work that I ran out of time last week!

I know, I know! I thought these emails were higher on my priority list too!

Just so you’re up to speed, here are the major things from last week that we’re celebrating at Dad Certified:

🙌 Larissa (Wifey) Officially Joined the Team as Our Social Media Manager!

📦 Dadventure Diary Inventory Arrived! 

📮 Shipped All Pre-Orders!

🚘 Delivered Local Delivery Orders! 

🚢 Shipped All New Orders! 

👨‍👦 Started Work on the new Dadventure Diary Community Site - Coming Soon!

So please forgive me for the lateness of this ‘Friday’ email. 

I just wanted to take some space to share A HEAP of gratitude with you.

Is that ok?

Firstly, thank YOU again if you’ve ordered a Dadventure Diary!

Getting a small business off the ground is hard work (we know because this is our third one), so thanks so much for supporting us in the early days.

We’re here to serve you and your families.

Thanks for putting your trust in us to do that with, what we believe are, high quality and life changing products. 

Secondly, thank you for all the feedback on your Dadventure Diaries you’ve sent through so far!

I’m literally blown away by how excited everyone is receiving their Dadventure Diaries!

I hear some dads have already used them to go on a Dadventure and are planning their next one.

If you’ve received yours and have loved your Dadventure Diary experience so far (whether it has been opened yet or not), we would absolutely love you to leave us an official review on the website here.

That would absolutely make my day and will help other families to find and experience the Dadventure Diary for themselves. Thanks so much!

Lastly, I just wanted share how grateful I am for my wife Larissa! 

I could go on for hours about how amazing I think my wife is (and she would let me), but I’ll keep it short for you guys.

Larissa is a social media expert, in comparison to me at least.

With our last two businesses Larissa would run the socials, marketing and design and I would run the operations and other technical aspects of the business.

Dad Certified was going to be different though.

It was going to just be me, running it all, while Larissa focused on the kids.

But to be honest, I’m not big on social media at all and I’ve found it well outside of my comfort zone jumping on Instagram to promote Dad Certified and the Dadventure Diary over the last couple of months.

With all the extra work of the launch Larissa has been watching me slowly grow more and more anxious about having to do it all, particularly social media.

In the last week however we decided that for us to thrive as a family and for Dad Certified to thrive, we needed to make a change.

So, thank you Larissa for officially coming on board at Dad Certified!

I so appreciate you supporting me in this venture to build confidence in dads so that we can all have more fulfilling parenting experiences.

I think you're incredible!

If you haven’t already, please give Larissa a warm welcome at our Instagram page here.

Thanks for reading!

Dad Jokes of the Week

Being told I was going deaf was very difficult to hear.


Dad: Son, I don’t think your cut out to be a mime artist.
Son: Was it something I said?
Dad: Yes.


You gotta hand it to short people.
Because they can’t reach it on their own.


Dadventure Ideas for this Weekend

Stay tuned for our email this Friday for Dadventure Ideas for the coming Weekend.

Alternatively, check out the list of over 60 ideas in your Dadventure Diary with recommendations around age, cost, equipment, and weather!



Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified


In case you missed the above link, and would like to leave a review about your Dadventure Diary experience so far (even if it's not open yet), click through below:

That would absolutely make my day and will help other families to find and experience the Dadventure Diary for themselves.

Thanks so much!

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