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If you recently purchased

  a Date Night Diary - Box Set, I hope
you’re absolutely loving it
  as much as Larissa and I
loved creating it for you!

Oh, you ARE?

Did you know that hearing about your experience would actually mean 

  the world to us...

Legitknowing that 
  we're really making a difference in people's lives
makes my day
like you wouldn't believe!

Just the other 
  day, my brother-in-law

  (on the other side of the country!)

called us up to tell us that his colleague was RAVING about this thing called a Date Night Diary unbeknownst to him that he was preaching to the choir!

(well, at least raving to the brother-in-law)

  that people are loving our solutions is wonderful but when you actually put it in writing to us...


Man does that spur us on!

  Dad Certified is no easy task, let me tell you!

But hearing positive feedback
  that we're actually doing good with all these solutions we keep making...

  is what keeps me motivated to bring you more!

So if
  you have a spare minute, could you please leave 

  a quick review?

I promise it's really quick,

and not only will you
  make my day
but you’ll help us be encouraging other
couples with kids, just like you,
to reclaim date nights and have a more fulfilling parenthood journey. 

Oh, I should also mention that a quick review will enter you into 
  our customer appreciation prize draw!

Think a cool new Dad Bag, or maybe a $100 or $50 voucher!

  tell us in a couple of words,

Are you liking your Date Night Diary - Box so far?

Yes, I love it!

It's pretty good.

I can't wait to read about your experience!

Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm truly grateful.



Cheering you on!Jeremy and kids from Dad Certified

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified


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