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Father's Day is just over a week a way.

9 days away, in fact! 

And as of the writing of this email we only have exactly 56 Dadventure Diaries left in stock!

And because of the unprecedented demand for the Dadventure Diary weren't not going to be able to re-stock for at least 2 months, maybe 3!

Yes, we'll be opening pre-orders back up once we sell out but if you need one before then for an important occasion (i.e. Father's Day), then don't delay.

Don't even finish reading this email, or this sentence even, click through below and snap up a Dadventure Diary before their all gone!
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Your Questions & Answers 

You've been asking some really great questions about the Dadventure Diary on our socials and via our website contact form.

I'd like to share some of them here in case anyone else had the same question but hadn't gotten around to asking yet.

  • Age suitability 👶
  • What's your pic? 📷
  • Split the deck 🃏


Age suitability 👶

Hi Jeremy,

Would the Dadventure Diary be suitable for a dad of a young toddler (2 years old)?


Hi B.

Yes absolutely! 
The Dadventure Diary is designed to be used with kids of all ages. The table of more than 60 dadventure ideas in the front section of the diary includes recommendations around age and contains activities suitable for kids aged from 0 (e.g. feeding the ducks) to 12+ (e.g. quad biking). Most activities are suitable for even older kids too (including adult kids). After all, the dads have to have fun too right. 😉

As for specifically 2-year-olds. Our little boy just turned 2 and he is so aware of and excited about his Dadventures with me. He says "Dadventure!! No mum-venture", haha, so he completely understands that it's a special event with Dad. And he's really into reading, so he loves looking back over the pictures and stories in our Dadventure Diary.


What's your pic? 📷

Hi Jeremy?

What polaroid camera do you recommend to be used with the Dadventure Diary?


Hi J.

I am so glad you asked! There are a few which I recommend depending on your expected usage. If you want the detail check out this blog post on recommended instant cameras here.

In short:
We prefer Instax Mini film for their long lasting archival properties and small footprint on the page.
Our recommended cameras are the budget friendly Instax Mini 11 which prints every photo taken, or the more high tech Instax Mini LiPlay or Mini Evo, which double as Bluetooth photo printers and save you having to print every photo you take.
But my personal preference at the moment is the Instax Mini Link 2, which isn't a camera but a cordless Bluetooth printer. You can take your high quality photos on your phone (switched to "do not disturb") and only print your favourite photos of your Dadventure after you get home when you're writing in the Diary with the kids.

Check out the full blog post and the links to the best prices here.


Split the deck 🃏

Hi Jeremy,

Is the Dadventure Deck of activity idea cards available separate from the Diary?


Hi R.

Great question. We've actually had quite a few people ask us this in the last week. 

At the moment, no, we don't offer the Dadventure Deck 
separately, BUT we would love to be able to offer this at some point if there is enough interest in it.

Stay tuned!

Thank you for your questions.

If you a question, please send it through it can be Dadventure Diary related, parenthood related or even a product idea.

In saying that....

What would you like next?

We're about to start working on our next Dad Certified product and would love your input!

We've got a few good ideas up our sleeves but we'd love to make something that is going to solve your problems.

Our next product could be:

  • an extension of the Dadventure Diary, or 
  • a different type of diary and card set serving a whole different purpose, or
  • something totally different

As long as it's serving dads in some way, either directly or indirectly, I'd love to hear your idea!

And if you've got a problem without a solution yet, let us know. I'm a solutionist, that's what I do.

Just hit reply and let us know what you want to see us work on next. 😊


Dad Jokes of the Week

What did the fish say when it swam into a wall?


When do medieval soldiers sleep?
Knight time


Want to hear a joke about paper?
Never mind, it's tearable. 


Dadventure Ideas for this Weekend

Get your kids out of the house this weekend and make some memories!

Here’s a few ideas for you. Choose one suitable to your kids ages and the weather:

1. Geocaching 🧭 (look it up, great for the older kids)

2. Outdoor market 🎪 (lots of markets run on the last weekend of the month)

3. Museum 🏛 (or art gallery)


Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified






Just 1 week until father's day!

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