Valentine's Day Approaching... 💝

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, and whether you’re a big fan or the Valentine’s Day grinch, your relationship is WORTH investing in.

Date Nights don't have to be difficult to organise. They can actually be really, REALLY easy.

That's because, here at Dad Certified, WE have done all the harddaunting and overwhelming work to make your Date Nights EASY with this ONE, SIMPLE tool:

The Date Night Diary Box Set.

Did you know it has 100 Date Night Idea Cards!?

Check it out here.


Dad Jokes of the Week

Why do bees stay in their beehive in winter?


Why can't the pirate say the alphabet?
He always gets lost at C.


What do you call a can opener that doesn't work?
A can't opener.


Dadventure Ideas for this Week

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire your Dadventure with your kids this week: 

  • Go Karting 🏎 (Great for kids 7+ even if they don't want to drive most tracks have karts with 2 seats and they'll love it as much as you!)

  • Aquarium 🦈 (Always a fun adventure for the kids, if there's not one nearby you can check out your local pet shop that sells fish.)
Date Night Idea for this Week
Dads, don't forget to be intentional about reclaiming the romance and planning a date night this week!

Staying In Date Night Idea:
  • Workout 💪 (Unless you're a fitness guru, this won't sound fun. Try this instead: look up an over-enthusiastic fitness instructor video(Google 80s Jazzercise), strip down to your underwear and get moving! If you don't work up a sweat from the exercise, at least your abs will get a workout from the laughs🤣)


Going Out Date Night Idea:
  • Stand-Up Comedy 😆 (Find a local comedy club to visit and share in some laughs. You might even get a chance to share some of your own (dad) jokes if you're feeling confident!)
Have a great week, thanks for reading!Jeremy and kids from Dad Certified

Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified

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