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Making Mum's Day Diary Bundle
Gabe Rodrigues (QLD)
Getting set up for Mother’s Day!

I have severe ADHD so planning and organising things (in advance) are really the hardest things in the world for me to do.
I made it a commitment this year to do more intentional romantic things plus make special days for my wife more special — unfortunately I didn’t have a clue where to start because everything just seemed so daunting (due to my adhd).
Thankfully I found you guys somewhere and ordered the making mums day pack because it sounded exactly like what I needed. I need a structure to express my uniqueness in the most effective way.
Just seeing the guide really warmed my wife’s heart because she knows how difficult it is for me to plan things and it’s showing her I’m working to follow through with my commitment ❤️
Thanks for your help guys!

Thanks so much, Gabe, for taking the time to leave such a genuine review. We are so happy to hear that you found us to help you make Mother's Day easy for you and the kids! Thank you for your support and we trust you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Date Night Diary - Box Set
Kyle Vander Linden (WA)
One of the best things we have ever bought for our marriage!

I purchased the Date Night Diary for my wife and I so we could make more intentional one on one time. With three children and shift work it becomes more challenging, but with the diary we plan and set times for each other.

At the moment. We are in the stage of home date nights and having the cards help us pick fun and unique ways to spend time together.

Thanks so much Jeremy and Larissa for the work you have done to make this awesome product happen.

Thank you for your kind words, Kyle! We are so happy to hear that it has been a valuable addition for your marriage. We understand how difficult it can be to find quality time as busy parents, and we are so glad your Date Night Diary has helped you reclaim date nights. We hope you continue to enjoy your date nights in and find new ways to connect and document precious memories together. Thank you for your support!

Cheers! Jeremy and Larissa

Date Night Diary - Box Set
Stuart Hancock (QLD)
Such a good idea

We try our best to use date night in or out once a month. It really helps with new ideas rather than the usual out for a meal. We’ve had our DND for a year now and are really grateful for it. Helps to reconnect after having kids or trying to have kids.

We are so happy to hear that it has helped you and your partner spice up your date nights and reconnect. Parenting is not easy and we totally understand where you're coming from, this is the reason why we spent so much of our time creating the Date Nights to help parents reclaim their romance. We hope it continues to bring new and exciting ideas for your future dates. Happy dating!

Date Night Diary - Box Set
Brett Hawkins (QLD)

It is an awesome and fun date night for us! Thankyou!

Thank you for your positive feedback Brett! We are so happy to hear that our Date Night Diary - Box Set has been a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your partner. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to create more special memories to your future Date Nights! Thank you again for your continued support.

Rediscovering the Love of my Life

So, I'm a dad, dad bod and New Balances included. 3 kids, no money instead of no kids and 3 money.
My wife and I set out this year deliberately to actually date, I've ordered this date book and sorted out a babysitter, life is in progress. While we await our first babysitting session, the staying in date ideas take over and they have been amazing. Read the card a couple of days before date night and organise what you need, make sure to bring up the conversation topic and simply reap the benefits of remembering why you loved someone enough to spend the next 18 years waking up to kids screaming.
100% worth the price, I have no creativity and this has been a godsend to my strong, silent typecast for conversation starters.
Incredibly keen for the Dadventures to be back in stock, I am going to put Bluey's dad Bandit to shame with how popular I will be!

Thank you SO much, Robert, for sharing your experience! That's the best review I've read all year (and last year!). We're over the moon to hear that the Date Night Diary is already working for you and reviving the love in your house (even before a babysitter!). Well done for being intentional about date nights with your wife this year! It's not always easy, but it's always worth it.

We really appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Reviews like yours are what motivate us to continue to solve problems for parents like us. Good news, the latest iteration of our Dadventure Diary - Box Set is off to the printers and will be available for pre-order very soon.

Thanks for your support!

A book to spoil well-deserve mums!

Gifted my nephew with this book as I know how responsible and loving this kid is to his parents, especially to her mum. He's excited to use it as it is very timely for her mum's birthday is just a couple of months away.

What a thoughtful and heartwarming gift! It's wonderful to hear that you chose the Making Mum's Day Diary to celebrate the love and responsibility your nephew has for his parents, especially his mom. We hope the upcoming birthday celebration is filled with joy and special moments!

Thanks so much for your review!

Unique Gift

Gave this book as a gift to my grandparents and I am pretty sure they will love it and the idea of saving memories with their grandkids.

Thanks so much for your review. We're so glad to hear that you chose the Grand Adventures Diary as a gift for your grandparents. We also believe that they will love the idea of saving their memories with you and their grandkids. Creating and cherishing those memories is truly special.

Thanks so much for your review!

Great Book of Ideas!

We haven't used it yet as we just opened it from its packaging, as we go through the pages, card activities, ideas and suggestions, we couldn't be more stoked and really excited to be filled with joy reclaiming our romance! (After having 4 kids!)

Thanks so much for you encouraging review!

We are absolutely thrilled to hear your excitement and joy as you explore our Date Night Diary. It warms our hearts to know that our pages, card activities, ideas, and suggestions have already sparked enthusiasm in reclaiming romance. Wishing you and your family a wonderful journey filled with love and connection!

Seize the Day!

Our kids grow so fast that we never notice we're losing a lot of precious time with them. Dadventure diary gives me the opportunity to save lifelong treasures of our kids' core memories. I can't imagine how AMAZING this will be after 20-30 years and flipping each timeless page and reminiscing each adventure together with their kids!

Thanks for your review, Ronnel! We're honoured to be a part of preserving your family's precious moments. The idea of flipping through the Dadventure Diary after 20-30 years and reliving those timeless memories with the next generation is truly priceless. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your family's journey.

Dadventure Diary - Box Set
nicole mcmurtrie (QLD)
Absolutely incredible family bonding diary

Wow! What a great idea! We absolutely love the Dadventure diary such an incredible bonding adventure that’s not just for the Dads. We love the idea of adding photos to the diary for the added picture memories. We loved it so much I went back for 2 of the grandparents diary’s

Thanks for the awesome feedback, Nicole! We're really happy to know that you love the Dadventure Diary as much as we do! We can't wait for you to fill those pages and imagine going back to these adventures 10-20 years from now, it's gold! Thank you so much for picking up some of our Grand Adventures Diaries too! We hope they all continue to bring your family great joy!

Dadventure Diary - Box Set
Alyce Curtis (NSW)
Dadventure Diary

It’s a keepsake must!

Blown Away!

This has been such a cool investment. I am blown away by the quality of the Dadventure Diary. There is a huge range of ideas for all different ages. My husband has found so many great ideas for when he and our eldest go on little dates together. Such a great investment, both for now, and when your kiddies grow up and can go back and reflect!

Fantastic Fun For Fathers!

When my friend told me about the Dadventure Diary, I was dubious- my hubby doesn’t use a journal! But when I took the time to understand what the Dadventure Diary was, I was quickly won over. Life is so fleeting and what better way to intentionally bond and to capture it all on camera. Better yet, the ideas are there for you! My hubby always shared how much he was looking forward to Father-Son dates, and now he gets to have all the fun with none of the hard work. We highly recommend the Dadventure Diary. Fun Father’s Day Present for the intentional father.

The perfect gift - re-dating each other

This diary encouraged us to start dating each other again. After kids, and not having any family supports, dating went by the wayside. It's the best gift to give each other and our kids 🥰

Dadventure Diary - Box Set
Krystelle Achi (NSW)
Love it!

Bought the dadventure gift pack for hubby on Father’s Day and it was absolutely perfect! The package came with the camera, book, extra print sheets and even the glue dots ! My husband and two sons have already filled a few of the pages.. we finally have somewhere to display those adventure photos !

Dadventure Diary - Box Set
Shauni Leigh (NSW)
Best Father’s Day present!

I gave the box set to my partner on Father’s Day and he LOVED it!! He even got teary, which I was not expecting!! 🥰 (yes that’s the tear in the picture! ☺️) The kids were so excited to go on their 1st Dadventure and take lots of snaps along the way to put in the diary. The dadventure activites are great, they’re not hard or expensive and will create brilliant memories for the kids and dad! I’d just love it if there was also a Mumventure diary as I’m going to get a bit envious of all these fun times they’re going to have! 😏 It’s a fantastic idea, thanks!

10/10 Father’s Day present

My husband absolutely loved this as a Father’s Day present! It is a perfect way to capture the adventures we have throughout the year!

If I could vote higher I would

Truly the best gift I've been able to give my husband in the six years of him being a Dad. He and our Daughter Sav had an absolutely amazing time picking their card and going on a Dadventure. It's given them a great talking point and wonderful time together. If I could think of any more Awesome words to explain Dadventure Diary I'd run out of space. Thank you Dad Certified your truly amazing your selves.

Amazing Gift Idea

What an amazing& thoughtful gift this was. My partner absolutely loved receiving such a special gift for his first Father’s Day. We cannot wait to have our son read about all the fun adventures him & his dad went on when he is old enough.

Best idea for dads

Our daughter is her dads world, a daddy’s girl people may say. Her daddy was so excited to get this gift!!
To be able to have one on one time, to have adventures and daddy daughter dates with the ability to document the whole thing so she can have them forever to look back on.

Dadventure Diary - Box Set
Karryn Murphy (WA)
Best gift ever

I purchased this book for my husbands birthday, i told my 4 year old son all about it and as soon as it arrived they were off on thier very first dadventure. My son had the best day and kept telling my husband he loves dadventures. My husband told me it's the best gift and ge looks forward to many more dadventures

Creating memories that will last a lifetime!

We gifted my parents the Grandadventure Diary to help them create lasting memories with the kids so it’s documented for years to come. After recently losing my own grandparents and struggling to dig up photos and memories, we felt it was important for our kids to have something to look back on when they need it the most. These memories are powerful healers and it’s all in one convenient book now. Thank you! Xx

Dad must have!

My husband absolutely loves the dadventure diary!
There’s are so many fun and interesting ideas they can go on and do together.
I can not wait for my 4 month old to be a little bigger to be able to join the boys on adventures. Giving me some time by my myself so it’s a win win for both mums and dads.

Reclaiming the romance!

After having 2 under 2 with our baby being 4 months old. The last 2.5 years have been dedicated to our kids, we put our relationship on hold. We never realised doing a weekly date night would change our relationship to be even stronger and create a closer bond together. We talk about date night all week, hyping it and it is what makes us get through those hard days.
So 2023 is the year to reclaim the romance and let the date night recommence… just like the diary states.

Amazing bonding tool for EVERYONE!

I was impressed by the quality and detail of the Dadventure diary it was a no brainer to purchase the Date Night Diary for my husband for Christmas... YES totally to benefit me as well.

I also got the Grand Adventure Diary to gift my parents as they love taking the kids on days out, now they can record and treasure these memories forever... BONUS child free moments to take a breather or use up out Date night cards