What Your Wife Wants For Christmas... 💑

Date Night Diary
A couple's guide to reclaiming date nights since having kids.

Hi Jeremy,

Are you a dad and you're not sure what to get your wife for Christmas this year?

You can stop looking...

This is what your wife really wants for Christmas:

More intentional, quality time with YOU, which they don't have to plan.

Ask yourself this:

When was the last time YOU planned a date night?

It's hard with kids, we know.

But dads, we need to take the lead on this! Trust me it will be worth it, and...

Shhh... Here's a secret:

It's not actually that hard when you've got the right tools.

That's why we created the perfect tool which makes planning regular date nights easy.

It's called the Date Night Diary and it's more than just a diary. It's got everything you need to plan great date nights even if you can't get a babysitter.

✔ 50 Creative Staying In Date Idea Night Cards (example below)
✔ 50 Unique Going Out Date Idea Night Cards (example below)
✔ Checklist for Planning Regular Date Nights
✔ Weekly Conversations Starters
✔ Pop Quizzes
✔ Space to Record and Reflect on the Fun Times
✔ Check In Pages to Keep Track of How You're Doing

The Date Night Diary is not a one-off gift. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Reclaim the romance in your relationship and buy one for your wife for Christmas today!

It's IN STOCK now but due to supply delays, stock is currently very limited. So if you'd like one for Christmas, don't wait!

And if you're reading this and you're not a dad, you're likely a mum. Feel free to forward this to your partner. I think he'll get the idea. 😉
Dad Certified Stock Updates:
  • The Dadventure Diaries are in stock and shipping. Currently limited stock but more are due next week for pre-Christmas delivery. 📦

  • Date Night Diaries are in stock and shipping. Currently limited stock but more are due in two weeks hopefully for pre-Christmas delivery. 🚚

  • Grand Adventure Diaries are currently clearing customs and should be shipping out by the end of next week. Stock is limited though and after we sell out it won't be re-stocked before Christmas! ⚠ 

Dad Jokes of the Week

My wife told me I had to stop acting like a flamingo.
So I had to put my foot down.


Why does Wally wear a striped shirt?
Because he doesn't want to be spotted.


Why did the scarecrow win an award?
Because he was outstanding in his field.


Dadventure Ideas for this Week

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire your Dadventure with your kids this week: 

  • Scavenger Hunt 🔎 (Either in the backyard or around the local park. Leave clues that are easy clues and fun prizes.)  
  • Jet Boating 🚤 (Great for kids 5+ years old)
Date Night Idea for this Week
Dads, don't forget to be intentional about reclaiming the romance and planning a date night this week!

Staying In Date Night:
  • Body Painting 🎨 (Pick up some body paints, strip down and take turns making each other's bodies a work of art. If you're feeling extra creative, try glow in the dark body paints.)
Going Out Date Night:
  • Indoor Rock Climbing 🧗‍♀️ (Challenge yourselves with this active date night and reward yourselves with your favourite dessert afterwards.)
Have a great week, thanks for reading!

Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified






Stock of the Date Night Diaries is currently limited. Order now if you want to ensure yours arrives before Christmas!


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