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To say a MASSIVE (!!) thank you to everyone who placed an order over the past few months, especially around Mother's Day, we're running a GIVEAWAY! 🤩🙌

We've already started receiving five-star reviews from customers right after Mother's Day 
and it sounds like a lot of dads and kids really made Mum's day! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Well done! 
And thank you for your reviews - we love hearing what you think and reading your feedback! 🖤

It also makes a HUGE difference for our business! 🙏

We LOVE improving family relationships with our products and when people see how our products are positively affecting YOUR life, through your feedback, then it encourages them to make the decision to improve their family's lives TOO. 

Your feedback and reviews really are that powerful! 💪🙏😍

But, I know it's often tough to find time to leave reviews and feedback ⌚...

That's why we're giving you an extra incentive to leave a review this week! 🎁

We're giving away a $100 Dad Certified Voucher to one lucky winner who leaves a verified product review on our website. 🙌

It doesn't matter if you only just received your order or you've already been using it for 6 months... You can still enter the giveaway! 👌🤩

What will you choose with a $100 Dad Certified Voucher!?😍

What Can I Win? 

Up for grabs is a $100 Dad Certified Voucher towards anything you've been hoping for from our store! 😍🙌

$100 Gift Voucher

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Bluetooth Printer60 Pack of Instax Mini Film60 Pack of Instax Mini Film

How Do I Enter?

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a verified review for your previously purchased Dad Certified product on our website.👌

Unless you want bonus entries that is...😉

For all the giveaway details (including how to get bonus entries), click through to the giveaway page:

Enter Giveaway


Entries close at midnight Saturday 27th May. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

For complete giveaway rules please go to:

*If you have already left a review in the past 2 months, thank you! You are automatically in the draw. 👏


Once again, thank you SO MUCH for your feedback and for entering the giveaway - good luck! 🤞🍀

As always in all things fatherhood, we're cheering you on! 🙌


Dad Jokes of the Week

I once dated an apostrophe.
Too possessive.


If you spent your day in a well, can you say that your day was well spent?


Why was the archeologist so depressed?
Because his whole life was in ruins.


Dadventure Ideas for this Week

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire your Dadventure with your kids this week: 

  • Scavenger Hunt 👀 (You can make this as simple or complex as you like, with clues and directions or just a free for all. Either in your own backyard or at a nearby park.)

  • Horse Riding 🐎 (Great for kids from 7 years plus and super fun for all whether it's your first time or hundredth time.)
Date Night Idea for this Week
Dads, don't forget to be intentional about reclaiming the romance and planning a date night this week!

Staying In Date Night Idea:
  • Naked Yoga 🍑 (Do we need to explain? Just make sure the kids don't wake up! Eating dinner after yoga is recommended, otherwise down dog might bring up some things.)
Going Out Date Night Idea:
  • Museum or Art Gallery 🖼 (Find a local gallery or museum with evening opening hours. If you have a few options, toss a coin to decide between each of your favourites or choose one you’ve never visited before.)
Have a great week, thanks for reading!

Jeremy and kids from Dad Certified

Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified




Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY by leaving a review.

Bonus entry info and full details here:

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