It's hard to believe we're about to launch...

Dadventure Diary  

Last year my wife and I sold our first business, a wooden toys and home décor business which we had been running for five years called Page and Pine. Right after this we welcomed our second baby into the world. After taking a few months off to spend quality time with my family I started dreaming about what kind of business I wanted to start next and who I wanted to serve.

It took me most of January and I had a lot different ideas bouncing around but I couldn't shake one of them which kept on coming back... Dads. I wanted to serve dads and make their lives easier in whatever way I could. It felt right and it made me excited! But then came the tough part, figuring out how to serve dads.

As I started on my journey to help dads in whatever way I could think of I came up with a lot of cool and functional product ideas. I'll probably still bring those out later (there are some really cool ones) but the idea that had me most excited was the one you now know well: The Dadventure Diary. I 100% believe that this was a God-inspired idea. It's just too good to have come from myself alone. Since the inception of this idea I've poured my time, energy and soul into producing the absolute best version of this that I possibly could.

There have been over 16 drafts of the diary in the last four months and thousands upon thousands of small and big changes along the way. My wife, who is a genius when it comes to designing and creating, has been hard at work alongside me the whole time. We've been sharing it with our fiends and families and getting dads to certify the quality inside and out.

We've chosen the printers of our dadventure diary for their quality, sustainability and ethical practices. Yes, price comes into play but I refuse to deal with any manufacturers who isn't ready to meet our requirements on quality, sustainability and ethical practices.

I'll talk more about the rest of the details of the Dadventure Diary in another email but for now just know that this wasn't just churned out over night. Other than being a good dad and husband, my only job since January has been to make the Dadventure Diary the absolute best thing it can be. It is made to help dads:

  • build confidence,
  • get to know their kids better,
  • have more fun with their kids, and
  • connect with their kids on a deeper level.


If you want this for yourself or you're planning on getting the Dadventure Diary for someone in your life who you know it will benefit, then make sure to stay tuned! Pre-Sales start in just over A WEEK! Thursday, 16th June, to be precise, but there are limited quantities so make sure you're staying tuned.


Thank you for coming on this journey with me! If you have any questions, just hit reply and I'll be sure to get back to you!


Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified



If you're still reading this email you're awesome! If you know anyone else who could really benefit from the Dadventure Diary, could you please let them know about it? My goal is to help as many dads as possible on this journey of fatherhood but I can only do so much on my own. If you could either forward this email or share the above link to our website I will be so grateful! Thank you!


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