About Us

Jeremy Jones of Dad Certified and family


Hi, I'm Jeremy. 

I live on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia with my wife Larissa, our two boys, Malachi and Silas and our Labrador Finn.

My passion is for solving people's problems with high quality solutions.

I studied innovation engineering at university but after gradating shifted my focus to ecommerce, a place where I could solve problems faster and at a greater scale. On top of this it also meant I could spend more time with my growing family.

Larissa and I have since built two ecommerce businesses from scratch before selling them on to other families to take over as our own circumstances changed. (Feel free to check them out at: pageandpine.com.au and saltofaustralia.com.au)

With the birth of my second son an my increasing passion for fatherhood I knew the next business I wanted to work on would be something for dads.

Enter: Dad Certified; a business focussed on building confidence in dads for a more fulfilling fatherhood experience.

At Dad Certified we're all about making fatherhood more fun and less daunting. We know that being a dad can be challenging and it's ok to admit that.

Come on a journey with us and let us help you develop deeper bonds with your kids so you can have a more fulfilling fatherhood experience.

Cheering you on!
Jeremy Jones