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Fantastic idea

Absolutely fabulous way for Dad’s to spend extra quality time with their kids (plus the Mum’s get to relax). Can’t wait for my boys to spend time together and make amazing memories together 💙

Fantastic products

We have now purchased two books, photo album, camera, and film... these products are so well made, and we love the experiences, fun and memories we experience as a family, and a couple 😍

A dadventure dad

A unique gift
That only a dad can have. It has plenty of ideas and fun things to do with his daughters and a space to document their dadventures!! 💕

Date Night Diary - Box Set
Michael drazic (WA)
Best thing I have ever bought

I cannot say enough about the date night diary. We have a newborn and have found it tough to find time for each other. The date night diary takes all the stress out of it. We pick a card and off we go. Literally the best purchase ever my partner and I love it. I would give it more stars if I could.

Grand Adventures Diary - Box Set
Tara Goldenberg (QLD)

The journal and camera lit up my mums eyes when she opened it. My Mum and Dad and my kids now have something to create together and treasure forever.

What an amazing gift

The journal and camera lit up my mums eyes when she opened it. My Mum and Dad and my kids now have something to create together and treasure forever.
Camera is easy to use too.

What a Great Idea

Made life easy, Kids loved the tasks in the book and made Mum's day. Winning...

Making Mum's Day Diary
Andrew Larter (NSW)
Gift idea for Mother's Day

the diary was a huge success. It was lovely to see our children take to it so well and create a fun atmosphere for mum's special day

Purchased as a gift

Using the site was easy and my order arrived quickly. I think it made a great Mother's day gift

Making mums day diary

This diary has everything sorted for your loved wife and mother of your children! It gives the kids great interaction and involvement with the ideas and tasks for the special day. The photos make the memories last and when looking over it all again later it brings back the great times spent all together! Well done Dad Certified!!

Best Mothers Day Gift

My partner absolutely loved her Date Night Diary and we have already loved doing both the at home and date night cards. Can’t wait to tick everything off and has been a great time to schedule some really fun date nights! Can’t wait to see what the remainder of the cards have in stall!

Making Mum's Day Diary Bundle
Ryan Thoroughgood (NSW)
Fantastic gift

Feedback from wifey was great, it showed her that that she thinks of the instructions in the book naturally, where it’s not something I think about at all. She’s told her friends how good it was, the camera addition was sooo good.

Five stars for sure!

I purchased this as an anniversary gift 3 years after having our first child and it has been an absolute winner. It has helped my partner and I prioritise our time together and not just 'be parents". We have found we are learning so much more about each other and as people who dont often take pictures of ourselves its been amazing actually getting a collection of "us" together. Looking back over our dates of the past is a highlight. I will be gifting this to friends who have new kids, as well as continuing the new tradition in our home. Five stars for sure!

Making Mum's Day Diary
Andrew Penhaligon (ACT)
Mother's Day 23

Great concept and made for a great day. My 5 yo loved the old school 'real' camera and photos and took a bunch himself. Mum loved the activity and then the surprise of the book at the end of the day with all the activities to do and photos to view was icing on the cake.

Making mums day dairy

Great present and mum was stoked with the thought and idea of the present.

Making Mum's Day Diary
Peter K (NSW)
Excellent gift

The making Mums day diary was amazing to involve the whole family and celebrate Mum! Highly recommend for any special occasion.

Perfect gift for mothers day

I bought the Grand Adventures Diary box set for my mum for Mother’s Day as we are expecting our first baby and she will be a first time grandma. She was stoked with her diary and so excited to use it! She passed it around the table to the entire family! Gorgeous gift for the grandparents and arrived in a few days.

Making mums mothers day

Was awesome, made it real easy for me to set the kids up and plan the day for Mother’s Day. Mum was very impressed with dads organisation (thanks to the book!)

Mother's Day Bundle
Philip Dalidakis (VIC)
Great idea in theory & practice

Does everything it advertises, speedy delivery. Great product, great team, great outcome.

Date Night Diary - Box Set
Andrew Foster (SA)
Date Night set

Lots of fun, well made. Happy I bought it!

Making Mum's Day Diary Bundle
Deearne Ward (NSW)
Framed the day in a special way !

The Fuji camera and film was the perfect accessory for my Mother’s Day . Young and old created unique special moments with the little camera and printed photos .
So cute . Spontaneous and a keep sake to add to the diary . No sifting through 1000’s of photos after the day ends , but instead “ real” moments that perfectly framed my boys special day for mum. Thanks dad certified . A lovely gift for families to create memories .

Making Mum's Day Diary
Deearne Ward (NSW)
The Perfect gift that keeps on giving 💙💙💙

My boys gave me my diary for Mother’s Day . The 9,7 and 4 year olds excitement was next level .
My whole day was planned , they felt
So empowered . The work they had put into the diary before the day and kept it a secret was special .
An amazing day with a memorable keep sake and such a
special personal touches for each of my boys .
Dad gets 10/10 . Thanks so much for being a fabulous resource for creating special family moments .

Great way to treat mum

Great way to treat mum, with lots of ideas for dad and kids

Grand Adventures Diary - Box Set
Tom Cartwright (NSW)
The best mothers day gift ever!

The quality, look and feel of all items, is just beautiful. There was a few of your products in the box and they were all amazing. Such good quality for the price. I'll be shopping with you again. My wife responded to the gift with "This is the best mothers day gift I've received"

The perfect gift for mother's day

I was absolutely clutching at straws when looking for a present for my wife. I stumbled upon this great idea on Instagram and it was amazing for the kids to get involved to help create the best mother's day ever! Thanks 🙏