So, Why Dad Certified? Why not a different business?

Guess what!? 

There’s just 4 weeks until Father’s Day! (from Sunday) 

If you can think of a better gift than the Dadventure Diary, please reply and let me know… 

Seriously though, Larissa is asking me what I want for Father’s Day and I already have a Dadventure Diary! 😅 

Now, in case you’ve been waiting all week for this, thank you for your patience! Let me continue from where I left off last week… 😊 

Why Dad Certified?

I have a passion for solving people's problems. 

But I don’t usually do the bare minimum to solve a problem, I’m a perfectionist you see. 

So to me, if I fix something but then the problem occurs again, then I never really fixed it in the first place. 

I especially love solving problems that more than one person has. And solving a problem that a whole bunch of people have is even better!

So where am I going with this? Good question.

When I became a dad a few years ago, I tried to be the best dad I could. 

I read the books, I did the time comforting the crying baby, and working from home I had the *privilege* of changing a SURPRISING number of nappies. 

But, if I’ve only learned one thing about parenthood so far, it’s this:

Right when you think you’ve got it all figured out, your kid grows up a little more and it feels like everything changes and you’re starting from scratch again. 

The gist is, in one way or another, parenthood is hard, whether you’re a mother or a father.

Now if you don’t relate then please share your secrets with us!

But there are plenty of problems in parenthood to solve.

And as a dad I view parenthood through the lens of a father and specifically relate to and encounter the same issues that many fathers encounter in their day to day. 

And as a dad who also happens to be a relentless problem solver, I believe it is my current duty to begin solving problems for dads that others are yet to confront!

So, why Dad Certified? 

Dad Certified is here to present high quality solutions to everyday problems that dads face.

Each problem that I solve will be a problem that I have faced in fatherhood myself.

For example, I used to have no confidence to take my kids out of the house without my wife Larissa.

I wouldn’t know where to go, what to do, or even what to pack.

And if it was raining, I didn’t even bother! 

But, seeing the problem, and setting my mind to solving it (after sixteen iterations); I produced the Dadventure Diary complete with a deck of activity idea cards, check list for knowing what to pack, and plenty of instructions and words of encouragement for dads just like me who would otherwise get stuck at home!

It's literally taken my relationship with my kids to a whole new level and I’m already seeing that happen for others who have started using it.

Without a doubt I'm passionate about this business and I am so excited for what we produce next at Dad Certified because I know it is not only going to solve one of my problems, but it will solve yours too!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us! 😊

Dad Jokes of the Week

Why did music keep coming out of the printer?
The paper was jamming!


19 and 20 got into a fight.


I wrote a song about a tortilla.
Well actually its more of a wrap.


Dadventure Ideas for this Weekend

Get your kids out of the house this weekend and make some memories!

Here’s a few ideas for you. Choose one suitable to your kid/s ages and the weather:

1. Tree Climbing 🌳 (check local restrictions and be safe 😉)

2. Bus Ride 🚌 (to the local library even... 📚)

3. Put-Put Golf ⛳ (I've hear aqua golf for the older kids is fun too!)


Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified






With four weeks to father's day you can still order your Dadventure Diary Box Set with standard postage.

Don't leave it to the last minute!


Dadventure Diary - Box Set
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