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Dadventure Diary - Box Set

Dadventure Diary - Box Set

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Yes, you CAN do it! Like anything, fatherhood is much easier if you have the right tools. The Dadventure Diary is one of these tools. It's more than a journal, a photobook and a lifelong keepsake. It's your very own ticket to confidence in fatherhood. We all know that the hardest step is the first one but this tool makes that step easy. Getting to know your kids better and them really getting to know YOU starts with quality, undistracted time.

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Watch the Dadventure Diary in action:

How It Works

Step 1: Pick a card, any card

Sort and shuffle the activity cards which are appropriate to you, your kids and the weather and let them choose your next Dadventure! There are even blank cards for you to add ideas specific to your interests and locale.

Step 2: Get out of the house and go on that Dadventure!

Pack your bags using the checklist at the front of the diary and enjoy your Dadventure! Take a few photos when you're having fun but remember to put your phone on 'do not disturb' and live in the moment.

Step 3: Save the fun times

Together, write your answers to simple questions that will capture the essence of your new favourite moments forever. Print off and stick in your photos and even let your kids draw something if you like.

Step 4: Reflect and learn

After every few Dadventures, use the provided space to look back over your Dadventures and talk to your kids about them. This is where the magic happens and where you'll REALLY get to know each other more.

Your Questions Answered

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What's a Dadventure?

A fun-filled adventure exclusive to Dad and the kids!

Who is the Dadventure Diary for?

The Dadventure Diary is for every dad who wants to be more fun, intentional and predictably present with his kids.
While the Dadventure Diary can be used with, and contains a list of Dadventure ideas for kids of all ages, the ideas contained in the Dadventure Deck are geared towards kids aged 2-13 years old.

Why do I need one?

We all need a little inspiration to break us out of the same old ruts, even in fatherhood. And we all need a little help remembering the good times we're intentionally creating with our kids. The Dadventure Diary will build the habit of setting aside time for your kids on a regular basis and give you loads of ideas for fun Dadventures to go on. It will make it easy to capture and record your Dadventures so you'll never forget them, and make you even more of a hero in your kids' eyes as they eagerly look forward to your time together.

How does it work?

The Dadventure Diary and Dadventure Deck of activity cards gets you and your kids out of the house to go on weekly adventure experiences together. After the Dadventure, the good times aren't left to fade but are saved forever through the stories, photos and drawings recorded in the diary. With regular reflection space, you'll get to know your kids on an even deeper level as your family looks back over treasured memories, reinforcing the good times and writing your legacy, one Dadventure at a time.

What are you waiting for!?

Start your Dadventures now and never stop! Record the memories and create a lifelong keepsake. When you’re an old man, you’ll be sitting on the couch with your children and grandchildren, flicking through worn pages of your Dadventure Diaries saying, “Remember this one…!?” Don’t leave your most priceless relationships up to chance - purposefully invest in them.

Let the Dadventures Begin!

What comes in the box?

1 x Vegan leatherette bound Dadventure Diary:

- Space for 52 Dadventure entries and 10 reflection entries.
- List of 66 Dadventure Ideas with recommendations around age, cost, equipment and weather.
- Inspirational quotes and artworks.
- Expandable leatherette wrap-around binding allows for adding photos and artworks without worry of loss.

1 x Dadventure Deck:

- Deck of 52 activity idea cards.
- 42 activity cards.
- 10 blank cards to be personalised to your family and locale.

1 x Metal Click-Action Pen:

- Quality black ball point pen with metal ink cartridge.
- Laser etched Dad Certified logo.

See "What are the bundle options?" for optional inclusions.

What is it made of?

- FSC Certified, recycled ESKA Board.
- Printed card stock with soy based inks.

- Textured brown vegan leatherette cover and cord with card stock backing (actual colour may be different from images).
- FSC Certified, 120 gsm paper.
- Printed with soy based inks.
- Trees for the future partner (
- Grosgrain ribbon.

Card Deck:
- 300gsm card stock.
- Soy based inks.
- Anti-scratch coating for rough handling.
- High quality metal ball point pen.
- Click action with some plastic components.
- Replaceable metal ink cartridge.

What are the bundle options?

64 x Sellotape Photo Dots
- Free photo dot adhesive for sticking in photos or film.
- Double sided adhesive.
- Lignin-free and acid-free.

FujiFilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Film Camera
- Accepts Instax Mini Instant Film
- Fujinon 60mm lens with selfie mirror
- Dedicated selfie/close-up shooting mode
- Automatic exposure and automatic flash
- Optical viewfinder
- Runs on two AA batteries (included)

60 Pack FujiFilm Instax Mini Film
- Contains 60 sheets per pack (6 × 10 sheets)
- Professional quality instant film technology
- Film Size: 54 x 86mm | Picture Size: 46 x 62mm
- Compatible with any Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera or Printer
- Please note Instax film has a recommended use by date which the film should
be used by (printed on the box). This date no longer applies after the photo
has been taken.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Mindy (QLD)
Fantastic idea

Absolutely fabulous way for Dad’s to spend extra quality time with their kids (plus the Mum’s get to relax). Can’t wait for my boys to spend time together and make amazing memories together 💙

Leizl (VIC)
A dadventure dad

A unique gift
That only a dad can have. It has plenty of ideas and fun things to do with his daughters and a space to document their dadventures!! 💕

Kelly Allen (DU)
Beautiful gift

I came across your product on an Instagram ad, I have been searching for something for my partner's birthday from my son. It is such a well-thought-out book, my partner often needs inspiration so thank you! it is really nicely presented and I am excited to see them both use it.

Karryn Murphy (WA)
Best gift ever

I purchased this book for my husbands birthday, i told my 4 year old son all about it and as soon as it arrived they were off on thier very first dadventure. My son had the best day and kept telling my husband he loves dadventures. My husband told me it's the best gift and ge looks forward to many more dadventures


Purchased for a birthday. Present. Dad and daughter have already had an ' adventure ' . Brilliant ! Highly recommend purchasing for dad and child/ children adventures together. They sat and filled the book out together after the first of many adventures to come

Thanks for your heart warming review! This is why we do what we do, thank you so much for sharing! :)

So special!!

Beautiful product. Bought it for my husband (and son) and he loves it.

Let your Dadventures Begin...

Why wait?

The Dadventure Diary is much more than a quality journal packaged in a really nice box with a deck of cards and a pen. It is the tool that will change the way you relate to your kids forever.

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    All efforts have been made to ensure all Dad Certified products, including all accessories, have been manufacturing in ethical working conditions for a living wage.

  • Sustainable Material Selection

    All Dad Certified products have been made using high quality and sustainable materials including:
    FSC certified paper, recycled ESKA board, soy-based inks and vegan leatherette fabric.

  • Trees For The Future

    Our Printer is a Trees For The Future partner, donating 10,000 trees each year to help global efforts to: heal the environment, alleviate poverty and eradicate hunger.

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