2 days until Mother's Day! 🎁 (this Sunday!)

Mother's Day - Child gifting flower to her mum.

What a huge few weeks!🤪 We had one of our biggest seasons at Dad Certified ever AND moved house last weekend - needless to say Larissa and I could use a day off! 😉

But I'm not tapping out just yet...

I've been on the phone and email with dads all week who were eagerly awaiting their Making Mum's Day Diaries, and some who were already using theirs with their kids! 👏

I had one dad even call me while he was at the shops with his kids picking up supplies for the big day... Mother's Day THIS Sunday! 😍🙌

And I've even had a few dads ALREADY leave 5-star reviews about the Making Mum's Day Diary - and Mother's Day hasn't even happened yet! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Now THAT'S when you know you've created something truly great - the quality and value are so evident from the minute you hold it in your hands that you don't even have to wait to use it to LOVE it! 🙌😍

I'd LOVE you to leave a review, too! Honestly they help our small family business SO much... more than I can explain! 🙏

Quick reminder!

If you ordered a camera from us to use with your Making Mum's Day Diary, but didn't order film, you'll need to grab some film before Sunday. 🏃‍♂️

Here are some local stores which you'll be able to find Instax Mini Film at:

- Big W
- Kmart
- Officeworks
- JB Hi-Fi
- The Good Guys
- Bing Lee
- Harvey Norman
- or any good camera shop

If haven't picked up a camera yet, these places will stock those too 👆 

If you need a quick tutorial about how to load your film into your instant camera, check out my most recent Instagram reel here. 🙂
Ok that's all from me this week, I'm off to the shops with our sons to get groceries for Mother's Day 🙌 I'm not much of a chef but I've got my lists and recipes and I'll give it a go... wish me luck! 💪😅
Dads, you've got this! You're going to ace it this year! Just remember to go slowly and patiently when kids are in tow. It's ok to divert from the plan if it keeps things calm and happy 😉😎👌
Mums, we truly hope you have the most WONDERFUL day! 😍 You're amazing! Thank you for all the priceless work you do for your families. You are so valued and appreciated! 👏🙏

Cheering you on 🙌


Dad Jokes of the Week

I tried to have a conversation with my wife while she was applying a mud mask.
You should have seen the filthy look she gave me.

So what if I don't know what Armageddon means?
It's not the end of the world.

I was asked to help design the first Monopoly board.
I said, "I'll give it a Go."
Dadventure Ideas for this Week
  • Picnic 🥪 (You may already have a picnic planned for Mother's Day - either way, it's great fun for the kids and you can always do a practice run in advance with just you and the kids!)

  • Ball Sports ⚽🎾 (Whether you kick, throw or hit, sports that involve a ball are always fun for kids and are usually easy to learn at a basic level so are good for almost any age. My top pick at the moment is Spikeball (Round Net) - which is great fun for the older kids.)

Date Night Ideas for this Week

Keep the spark alive with some of our date night ideas this week 😍🔥 (Even without a babysitter!)

Staying In Date Night Idea:
  • Outdoor Movie Night 📽 (Hang a sheet, buy or borrow a projector and cuddle up together for a movie in the backyard. Optional extra: fire pit and toasted marshmallows!)
Going Out Date Night Idea:
  • Laser Tag 👠 (You don't have to let them win if they're not your kids, right?  Team up or have fun shooting each other! Followed by takeaway in the car parked somewhere with a view.)

Jeremy and kids from Dad Certified

Cheering you on!

Jeremy Jones

Dad Certified







If you haven't grabbed a present for YOUR Mum yet, you can still order a Grand Adventures Diary and use the classic line, "Your present is in the mail." 😉

My Mother-in-law's present is actually still in the mail so I'll be using that line right along with you 🤪

Grand Adventures Diary by Dad Certified

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